3 Simple Steps to Homemade Baby Food


Making your own baby food is easier than you might think. Initially the thought intimidated me and I thought it would require way more time than I had available. The more and more I became invested in my kid’s health, I wanted them to have the best produce. With twins there was also a significant cost to buying dozens of jars and pouches of food each time we went to the grocery store. I decided to give making my own food a try when my kids began eating solid foods.


To start, I decided to use the Baby Bullet System and purchased some OXO Tupperware to store the food in. I started with single ingredient items and would introduce a new food every few days or so. The process was much easier than I anticipated. On average it took me about two hours to prep two weeks worth of food. The overall cost was about 65% less than pre-made baby food. The reduced cost was a huge benefit, but more than anything I loved having control over what my babies were eating.   I also loved that the twins got to try a larger variety of foods than what was available with store bought foods.


The baby bullet system makes things quite easy. The steamer comes with timing instructions depending on the food you are making. I would pick 5-6 new items every few weeks to pick up from Sprouts. I like the quality of produce at Sprouts and after comparing prices with other stores, they were surprisingly less expensive on average. I would start by washing and chopping everything. Some items didn’t need to be steamed, such as pineapple, so all I had to do was throw it in the bullet, add a little water and voila! For the thicker items, such as sweet potatoes, I would steam them and then follow the same steps above. Once all of your food prep is completed, it is best to leave 2-3 days worth of food in the fridge and freeze the rest.

***Tip: if the food contains a lot of water and is runny, you can add some brown rice cereal before serving to thicken it up.


As my kids graduated to more complex foods I started using the Infantino Squeeze Station. Baby food pouches are pretty much the greatest things since sliced bread but holy cow they are not cheap… especially since I was buying for two babies.   On average pouches are about $1.50 each. The Infantino pouches come in packs of 50 and cost 30 cents each. When I broke down the cost of the amount of food it took to fill them, each pouch came out to about 70 cents total. Anytime I can save more than 50%, count me in!


I typically mix 2-3 fruits or veggies for the kid’s combination pouches. Their favorites are banana/raspberry and broccoli/eggplant. After blending some of the very seedy fruits, like raspberries, I strain them through cheesecloth to keep all those pesky little critters out of there. Once everything has been steamed, blended and mixed together all you have to do is pour it in the easy pouch filling stand and you are done. Easy as 1-2-3! The pouches can also be frozen and I make 40-50 at a time.  Make sure if you freeze pouches that they are labeled and dated.


If you are thinking about making your own baby food give it a try! This system is affordable, simple and you can use just about any food you want. I love knowing exactly what my babies are eating and saving some serious cash is a nice bonus.


Happy mixing!!

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