I got to attend the Pump and Dump comedy show on Mother’s Day eve this year at the Paramount in Denver. I went in expecting a typical comedy show with a few stand up comedians and lots of jokes. What the show delivered was much more than I anticipated!


Shayna and Tracey did more than just comedy, they created a deep sense of community in that theater. Motherhood can be full of moments of uncertainty and loneliness while we wonder if we are doing the right thing. Being in a room full of mothers that can relate to what you are going through, laugh about it with you and share relatable stories was so uplifting. I had no idea Shayna was such a talented musician. Much of the show is made up of a series of hilarious songs that seem to hit the nail on head when it comes to being a mom. My favorite of these funny and some what naughty songs is called “Parental Lovin”… for a good laugh listen below.

The show also included some sweet videos to and from members of the audience. These were kind, inspiring and touching messages about what an awesome job everyone is doing as a mother. In a society full of shaming, judgment and comparison, it was so refreshing to see so many mamas come together, support each other and cheer each other on during this crazy parenting journey. This is as they call it the #bandofmothers. We need more of this community in our lives.


After the show, to encourage the continued support of other mothers, they handed out #bandofmothers bracelets and “you’re an awesome mom” cards. Imagine if the next time you see another mom who’s kid is loosing their mind in the middle of the grocery store, or on the playground or in a restaurant, if we washed away the judgment that can sometimes flood our minds and returned to a place of empathy. How awesome would it be to give them one of these cards or even just tell them what an amazing job they are doing? This would change the world… truly. So my hope is that you will join me and the band of mothers and vow to support one another in our journeys. We may not walk the same path or have the same values but we all need love and support to give our children our version of the best.


Cheers, Mamas!


I would love to see your mama tribe so use the hashtag #bandofmothers so we can all continue to cheer each other on!

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