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Yes I know I am late to the game! But… better late than never right?!? In an effort to continually expand my knowledge I paid attention to some of the big names I follow on social media and randomly listened to a podcast one of them had suggested. I very quickly fell in love. Awesome people, awesome info… perfect for the car or when you get ready in the morning. Best part is that they are FREE!! They have podcasts for every category. If you are not familiar all you have to do is go to iTunes or your iPhone look for the image above and search a subject, name or category. As a new business owner and entrepreneur, listening to different people in various fields has led to a lot of growth for me and my mindset. I also feel like I have grown in other ways by listening to different podcasts with life hacks, tips and tricks.   I highly encourage you to search a category you are interested in and see if any of them resonate with you.

I have dived into a few different categories of podcasts and I have listed some of my favorites below. With some of them I have listed a specific episode to check out if I have a favorite. I would LOVE to hear what podcasts you enjoy, so please let me know in the comments below.

Check these out and let me know what you think!


Dais by Rachel Hollis

My girl Rachel rocks this podcast just like she rocks everything else! The guest lineup is incredible. Such a wealth of knowledge and great tips to be discovered. One of my favorite episodes is #4 with Brit Barron. Brit has a passion for educating others about race and she has just the right approach to be able to teach us all something new.


Story Brand

Episode 37 changed my life… I am not even kidding it is that good! Go listen to it now!


Everything I have listened to on this podcast has been awesome. Episode #208 has one of my favorites, Mel Robbins and the second half was a fascinating look at sleep patters, how to get better sleep and things that effect our sleep.

The Real Female Entrepreneur

This podcast has 3 episodes a week and I enjoy the varied content and length of each episode.  Lauren creates a space of positive community and encouragement for all women no matter what they are hustling for! One of my favorite episodes is with the lovely Jessica Honegger so check out #113.

How I Built This

Incredible info from all kinds of business leaders about building up to where they are today. It is amazing to learn from people from all walks of life that have different goals in mind because we can learn from each of them.

Food Blogger Pro

If you are interested in blogging, especially as a business, this is a great podcast. While it is food blogging based, it has so much good info that you can apply to all aspects of blogging. Bjork, the host, has a gentle personality and he is full of wisdom.

Goal Digger

This podcast has tons of great advice on social media, how to take your business to the next level and things in the industry that are changing. If you own a business and are looking for ways to stay “in the know”, this is packed full of information.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is so wonderful and this podcast is all about overcoming your fears and living the artistic life you were intended for. Everyone can learn from this podcast and I have only listened to a few episodes but I am hooked!

The Influencer Podcast

All about marketing, blogging and business. So many ideas on ways to grow your business, stay current and create exciting content that is unique.

Personal Growth/Entertainment

Awesome with Alison

This podcast could easily fall in the business category because Alison’s advice is relevant to so many areas of life. Her husband Erik brings a nice balance to her loud personality and together they deliver incredible content each week.

Mom and Dad Made a Podcast

This is a fun podcast to listen to if you have kids. Hailey runs the blog household mag and Zack is a writer. Together they are entertaining and are currently traveling the world with their toddler. It has been fun to follow along on their journey.

Shauna Niequist

Shauna is an author of some of my favorite books and feels like the girlfriend we all need in our life. Her guest list covers various life topics and each one is so fun and unique. I am excited for season 2!

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

If you don’t know about Jamie Ivey you should. She is remarkable in many ways and her podcast is such a great way to learn and truly feels like you are at a happy hour with friends. I highly recommend it!

Extraordinary Moms

This is a great look at moms from all different parts of the motherhood journey. I love learning from other mamas and you should check this out if you do to!

Podcasts to watch for:

Jen Hatmaker- For the Love- LAUNCHING IN JULY

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen at an event a few weeks ago and what an incredible person. She is so genuine and real. I cannot wait for her podcast to launch because she is an amazing writer and I am sure she will be an equally amazing interviewer.



…And if I had one dream for a podcast it would be for Brene Brown to create something. Please please make a podcast so I can continue to learn from your infinite wisdom!

Happy listening and learning!

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