Invest in Yourself- My Workshop Weekend Recap

IMG_2277As some of you might already know I spent the weekend in Minneapolis for a photography workshop. The workshop was hosted at the beautiful Pinch of Yum studios. Pinch of Yum was the first blog I ever read and to this day it is still my favorite. If you are not already following Lindsay, you should be!




The workshop was so inspiring. When they did their first round of classes a few months ago I decided to set the goal for myself that I would make it to one of classes one day.   I have always loved photography and I have always had the desire to learn how to shoot in manual. We spend so much time drooling over gorgeous pictures on the internet and I wanted to learn how to take those photos. When the next round of workshops were announced I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it.  Finances are tight and the thought of leaving my babies made me nervous.  As time went on I realized that it was okay to invest in myself and that 48 hours away from my kids would probably be harder on me than it would on them. After lots of debates in my head, with the support of my awesome husband I decided to go for it.

Museli Bowl


What an amazing experience it was to connect with other bloggers and get to learn from the best about food photography. As moms we don’t get much time for ourselves and having two days to focus on something creative, that I love, was just what I needed.   I was able to take a few moments to myself, refuel and do something that inspires me.



My photography improved so much just from two days with Lindsay. She is a master at what she does and has the most wonderful personality. She was a teacher before she became a full time blogger. This made the workshop that much more special because it was so well laid out.  Lindsay and her husband Bjork have made it part of their business to teach others about blogging. I think teaching others is what makes people great leaders. Some people want to keep all information to themselves by thinking it will make them less important if others know their secrets, but actually it is the opposite. Sharing knowledge is powerful. Not just powerful but it can bring so much joy to share what you have learned and see others succeed. This is what makes Bjork and Lindsay so special. They are excited about sharing what they have learned and helping others grow their blog as a business. If you are interested in blogging I highly recommend checking out Food Blogger Pro. You don’t have to be a food blogger to reap the benefits of this educational site. FBP walks you through everything step by step and teaches you how to build your blog, improve your photography and keep up with social media. My admiration for these two is endless and did I mention how delicious Lindsay’s recipes are?? Check out her blog Here


I know everyone is not into photography but I encourage everyone to find something you are passionate about…. something that you can do for yourself. I am the worst with Mommy guilt but I feel like giving myself a little break and doing something creative makes be a better mom. I want to teach my kids that self-love is important.   This is something my mom has taught me throughout my life. She is the most selfless person I know but she also takes great care of herself. So I will stop getting all sentimental and just say that all of you out there should make an investment in yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


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