Keepsake Journals- My Alternative Baby Book

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In the chaos of preparing for twins I didn’t make the traditional baby book. In the early stages of baby development I was searching for the best way to celebrate the many firsts and milestones the kids were reaching. I decided to order a book for each of them (from Etsy) where I could journal about it. I keep the books on my desk so that at night before bed I can write them a little note when something fun and exciting happened that day.  Remembering all of those dates and milestones was hard to keep up with so this became a great way to track it all. It will be a fun memento they can read through when they are older. It also gives me the opportunity to give each of them something special about their own development. With twins so many things get tied together and I want them to know how special they both are individually.

polariod keepsake

If you don’t know it already I LOVE pictures. Like obsessively love pictures and have since I was a little kid. A few years ago Jonathan bought me this Polaroid camera. It prints these cute little 2×3 images. Are you ready for the coolest part? They are sticker backed! When these books came about they were the perfect fit. I don’t always have a photo but sometimes it is fun to add a picture of our day when I am writing to my babies.  Check out my camera here ??Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera (White)

Baby Keepsake Journal

In my teenage years I worked at a scrapbooking store so don’t worry photo albums will still be created! This is just a fun way to create something for my kids that they can keep and look back on. My goal is to not limit myself with a set timeline but to write when I am inspired to say something to my kids about what they were like or what was happening in the world at that time.

baby journal

I look forward to maintaining these books so my kids will have a timeline from things we did during their childhood. I love including little treasures from trips we took or places we went. I am not always the best speller or grammatically correct but my kids will have an honest look at who I am and all the adventures we went on when they were little.

alternative baby book

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