May Monthly Media Mashup!

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Welcome to my second Monthly Media Mashup. I have an exciting playlist for you this month! This month’s mix is called Goin to the Chapel! When Jonathan and I got married we put a TON of effort into the music that was played at our wedding. We basically planned out 90% of the music that was played that night. Sounds a little crazy but we had so many songs that were rare and important to us and luckily we had an awesome DJ that handled all of our requests. The playlist starts with our walking down the aisle songs, progressing to the cocktail hour and reception. It ends with a bit of a dance party and the last song we played the night of our wedding. I hope you enjoy:


The most recent show I have been watching is 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I am only a couple of episodes into it, but it definitely has me curious on where they are going to take the story. I am not sure l like how they are painting suicide as a form of revenge but I am going to keep watching to see how the story plays out. I also just watched the season finale of Billions and it was SO good! Have you watched this show?? Damian Lewis is one of my favorite actors and this show is very well done. Definitely check it out if you are looking for something new to watch. My kids recently fell in love with the movie The Secret Life of Pets. I randomly turned it on one day because it was free and they were hooked. If you are looking for a cute kids movie I would definitely recommend it!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I can’t wait for a relaxing afternoon with the family! We will be spending the morning at home and then heading over to my parents house in the evening for dinner. I love these kinds of relaxed holidays where there is no rushed schedule and we can all just hang out and enjoy each other. After having kids lots of things have evolved to this more relaxed way of approaching things. Its nice to slow things down since many of our days are filled with twin chaos.


This last month I read Bloom by Kelle Hampton. Kelle is the most incredible writer. Her beautiful words depict her story and make you feel as though you are right there with her experiencing the most life changing of moments. Kelle also has a blog called Enjoying the Small Things.  Photography is one of her many talents and I adore everything she produces. Definitely check out her page because she is one of my absolute favorite people to follow. I am secretly praying she will start a podcast one day because she is so witty, wonderful and real.


Last but not least lets talk about the inspiralizer!! Who doesn’t need more fruits and veggies in their diet? If you are like me you would rather eat pasta than zucchini… that was until I discovered how to turn zucchini into pasta! Ali Maffucci is the queen on spiralizing and she is another great person to follow on social media. Her cook books Inspiralized and Inspiralize Everything are two of my favorites. Finding a new and beautiful way to incorporate more healthy foods into our diet has been huge for our family. There are a variety of ways to spiralize and the best part is that it tastes like the real thing. I never thought as a picky eater I would enjoy some of the things I have spiralized but something about it makes everything delicious! I have found that this also makes a great gift for those that like to cook.

I hope all you mamas out there have a wonderful mothers day and I’ll be back with another mashup next month!

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