Patriotic Punch


This is the perfect patriotic punch for your 4th of July party!!DSC_0573

For the twins first birthday I wanted to make a fun drink that people could enjoy and somehow tie it into our party theme. I had become obsessed with our last blueberry lemonade cocktail and decided to play around with other renderings. It didn’t take long because let me tell you this stuff is delish! I made this in a large batch since we were serving a large group of people:

1.5 1-liter bottles of Smirnoff strawberry vodka

2 bottles of simply blueberry lemonade

1 half gallon of regular lemonade

Serve on ice


To add some extra flare I froze blueberries in our large ice cube tray. This way the drink looks like it has blueberries floating throughout vs. all at the top. I love this large ice cube tray for so many different things!


Since the twins birthday theme was twinkle twinkle little star I was searching for a cute way to include stars. The answer… Jicama! Jicama was perfect because I could cut out pieces with a cookie cutter!   It also has a very bland flavor so it didn’t affect the taste of the drink. Since it is white it has the perfect contrast with the purple punch. Jicama is also very crunchy and didn’t get soggy while soaking in the drink all day. You could cut out any design to make it correlate with your theme party.


This drink is also awesome as a single cocktail if you’re not serving an entire group. I would recommend 1 part strawberry vodka, 2.5 parts blueberry lemonade and one party regular lemonade.


Bottoms up!

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