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IMG_7018Prepare to have your house overtaken with baby gear! (wish I was kidding)

As an expecting twin mom I found it to be somewhat difficult to find the best twin friendly items… and sometimes just twin items in general.  As twins become more and more common, there are new resources popping up, but it can still be difficult to find the right items when you don’t have fellow twin mom friends to ask.  I had to piece a lot of things together to find the right items.  So to all you twin mamas out there in need of a friend who has been through what you are preparing for, here is my must have list based on all the items I tried:

Twin Z Pillow

One of the things that gave me some serious anxiety after bringing the twins home from the hospital was thinking how on earth I was going to do everything by myself when my husband went back to work.  We had gotten the kids on a regular schedule and I didn’t want to mess that up by trying to feed them one at a time when I was alone.  The Twin Z pillow was a life saver and something we used every single day until about 11 months.  Think of this as a double boppy.  The middle section lifts up to make the pillow nursing support for two babies.  When I was alone I would cover the pillow with a blanket and prop up both babies with a bottle so they could eat.  When they got a little bigger and more wiggly I would use the strap and buckle it over their waist to keep them secure.  This is truly my number one pick for must have twin items to survive the first year!feeding twinsTwin z pillowtwin love

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

With twins you HAVE to use a stroller.  Carrying two babies or two car seats is just not possible.  If you plan on leaving the house you will need a stroller.  No matter what you get don’t buy a double wide stroller.  Not only will you not fit through most doorways it will feel impossible to fit in stores, restaurants, etc.  At first I didn’t love the idea of stadium seating but I am beyond thankful this is the stroller I chose.  The stroller holds two car seats and when your twins get bigger these seats can be used with all different configurations.  This is also a great stroller for parents with one baby who plan to have more kids.  It is the perfect stroller to grow with your family.  It can be used with only one seat and the other seat can be added at a later time.  This stroller is easy to collapse, great for travel and very sturdy.  I can’t tell you how much I love this stroller!

twins in arizonababy jogger city select

Dropper Stopper

If your kids are like every other child I have ever met, they will enjoy dropping things on the ground.  While gravity is fascinating… it makes me want to pull my hair out!!  I get so tired of picking things up off the floor.  When we are out in public it started to get quite expensive to have them continually dropping and losing toys.  Then I found this little gem… the dropper stopper!  You will notice in the pictures above that they are always attached to our stroller.  They have one gripped side for bottles but  you can use them for so many other things.  I use this for toys when we travel or any time we are out and about to make sure that everything is attached and safe from the constant throwing.  I also love that it saves your stuff from all the nasty germs on the ground!  Picking up after two babies can be exhausting so be sure to add this to your registry!

Baby Brezza

I had hoped to be able to exclusively breast feed but unfortunately I didn’t not produce enough milk to do so.  The first few months were a mix of nursing and warming formula… with two babies and 8 feedings a day, that gets to be a lot of work.  I saw this one day at the store and thought it was too good to be true… I mean it measures the forumla and warms it to the perfect temp all with in about 15 seconds!!  The cost threw me off at first and my husband said don’t buy it, we’re fine without it.  Being the person I am I decided to give it a try anyway and this was one of the BEST impulse buys I have ever made in my entire life.  This little dream machine saved us so much time and headaches I can’t event tell you.  The Baby Brezza is an absolute must have if you need to use formula.  I also felt like we maximized our formula use and saved money because it eliminated spills and measuring.  Think of it as a baby keurig… trust me this is one purchase you won’t regret.

Rock and Play Sleeper

We had two of these sleepers in our room and that is where our kiddos slept for the first 3 months.  There are music and vibration options built in.  What I liked most was that it kept their heads slightly elevated because early on spit ups will happen.  If you are asleep and don’t hear it or aren’t right there, this keeps them safer than if they were lying flat on their back.  We had this happen in the hospital so I was extra cautious when we brought the twins home.  I also love that the sleepers collapse and fold up which makes them ideal for travel.

rock and play sleeper

Pack and Play

This changing station pack and play makes everything a little more convenient.  This includes a removable bouncy seat and changing table.  When I was recovering from my c-section I didn’t want to have to go up and down the stairs an extra 20 times a day to change diapers.  This was the perfect addition to our living room, not only a resting area for the babies but also as our second changing table.  This makes for a great travel crib and folds into a nice carrying bag.  For only $100 this will simplify many things for you.

pack and play twins

Space Saver High Chairs

Unless you have a giant kitchen you will want to get these space saver high chairs!  These attach to your regular kitchen chairs and are designed to grow with your baby.  They convert into a booster seat for when your baby gets older.  The kitchen in our first house would have overflowed if we had two full size highchairs.  These also come apart easily and are nice to pack up if you are traveling somewhere nearby.

space saver highchair

Mamaroo Swing

If you are going to get a baby swing I definitely recommend the 4 moms mamaroo and infant insert for not only the design quality but also the compact size.  The swing includes a variety of settings and has bluetooth capabilities for music and motion control.  In other words if you are too exhausted from the sleepless nights you can operate the swing from your couch??

twins mamaroo swing

Buggy Bench

Grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier!  The buggy bench was designed by a twin mom for twin moms.  The seat attaches to the grocery cart and makes it possible to shop with two kiddos and still have room in the cart for your groceries.  If you are a busy mama running all the errands by yourself this is a must have!  Sometimes I feel like an American Ninja Warrior when I can make it through the store with both kids in under an hour ??

twins buggy bench

Bath Support

This Angelcare bath insert made bath time with two babies at the same time possible.  This helped keep my kids upright, relaxed and made it possible for me to bathe them without help.  If you have help use it, but in my situation that wasn’t always the case.  I was able to use these until about 10 months.  twins in bath


I found these little seats to be immensely helpful as my babies started to grow.  They are easy to move to any room you might be in and my twins had a blast sitting next to each other playing.  The bumbos take up very little space and there are a variety of colors.  Best part is they are incredibly easy to clean.  I was also able to resell these for half of what I paid for them.  twin bumbo IMG_8784

Play Zone

My husband jokingly calls this the O.K. CORRALL!  I am ending with this playzone and extension kit because this has been one of my biggest twin lifesavers.  It has grown and evolved with us as the twins have grown.  Both of the houses we have lived in have not been an ideal layout for kids as far as safety goes, so having some means to contain them when necessary is priceless!  Chasing two kids running in opposite directions sometimes seems impossible.  This playzone allowed me to have a safe space for them if I had to load them in the car one at a time, go to the bathroom or pretty much do anything that required me to step away from them for a second.  This also created a great space at the end of the day to compile all of their toys so they were in one area.twin playzonetwin play area


I hope you enjoyed this very LONGGGG post but I have explored so many items that I really wanted to sum up for my readers the products that have helped me most as a twin mom.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or know of other products I might like!


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